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This game was made in one weekend for the extra credits game jam march 2019.  Following the jams theme of cycles, 4 minutes is an escape room game where you have a limited amount of time before you are transported to the next room in the loop how many cycles through the rooms will it take before you can escape?

WASD -> move

mouse -> aiming
mousewheel -> change selected item

E -> examine selected item / and exit interact screens

Left shift -> crouch

4 minutes satisfies all of the jams extra challenges so you may need more then whats in the game to solve it



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You access the computer login, no return button... You access the bookcase, no return button... You access the keypad next to the door, guess what, no return button. Did you intentionally leave these blind alleys in the game? I restarted the game every time, because there was no option for returning to a previous screen.


sorry if it wasnt clear from the description but E closes any of those screens!

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Thanks for that! Now it's much more playable :D that "E" on the keypad is not hinting enough that E closes screens...

So, we have to guess what does a little birdy have? (and there's no E in that, because typing E closes the screen)

Thank you!
The E on the keypad is short for enter that's how you try a combination and you need to click on it like you do with the numbers
Nope you don't need to guess its a hint the answer might not be in the game though! and yes there's no "e" in the username or password

It has potential but it really needs a lot of work and effort. It has no direction at all. I don't even know what to do in the game. I see hints but I still don't get the catch. I did not manage to finish it or was it ever gonna end?

I stopped when I fell through the level.